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Student and Corporate tour to NASA

Motion Trip gives an opportunity to all the students and corporate travelers to Discover NASA Kennedy Space Centre, a unique program of learning and discovery in collaboration with NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Travelers participating in these programs will spend up to three days at NASA's Kennedy Space Center near Orlando in Florida. You can also visit Universal Studios, Disneyworld, Sea world, the three world-class attractions at Orlando and have the option of spending another four days exploring the exciting city of New York along with Niagara Falls. The programs at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center come once in a lifetime opportunity for you to connect with the future and learn an early appreciation for engineering, technology, science and space travel.

The travelers will be provided by an exclusive guided bus tour of the working space flight facilities at Kennedy Space Center. During the tour you will be transported to a viewing area for Launch Complex 39 to see the pad where Apollo 11 started its historic journey to the moon as well as the beginning of the majority of space shuttle missions. You can also see the Shuttle landing Facility, Orbiter Processing Facilities and the Space Shuttle Crawler. Transporters and the huge Vehicle Assembly Building which is the tallest single storey building in the world.

The activities performed by you in NASA are:

On day 01:

The Apollo Saturn V Center:

Students and corporate traveler will be transported aboard a KSC bus to the spectacular Apollo/Saturn V Center where they encounter an actual Moon Rocket and witness man's first launch to lunar orbit and the first step on the Moon. A lunar rover and rock samples from the moon are also at display at the Saturn V Center.

Rocket Garden and Early Space Exploration Tour:

NASA Educators introduce the concept of space travel by guiding traveler through the early years of NASA. They will encounter and photograph the actual rockets, spaceships, spacecraft and spacesuits from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs while hearing stories of early space heroes. Students can climb into and take pictures of full-scale mock-ups of spacecraft and the early space capsules found throughout the Rocket Garden.

Astronaut Hall of Fame:

The traveler will explore the human side of space at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, This remarkable facility exposes them to the sights, sounds and experiences of the famous astronauts who first ventured into the frontiers of space.

On day 02:

Lunch With An Astronaut :

You will enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch and meet an actual NASA astronaut, who makes a presentation about his / her experiences in space and the future of space exploration. Students are encouraged to ask questions and later they receive an autographed souvenir from their astronaut guest.

Astronaut Training:
Using the motion based astronaut training simulators modeled after the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs, get experience to the training that astronauts do before they launch into space. Some of the motion based simulators include the Multi-Axis trainer, Micro-Gravity Wall and T-Chair (trajectory). After their training participate in a full scale simulation of a space shuttle mission.

Shuttle Launch Experience:
You can “Get Vertical” as they ride the Shuttle Launch Experience, an authentic flight simulator designed to replicate the thrill of launching into space aboard the Space Shuttle. When you will enter the heart of Space Shuttle operations for the pre-launch briefing, crew members will guide you by veteran Space Shuttle Commander Charlie Bolden as he takes them step-by-step through the shuttle launch sequence. 

3D IMAX Movies:

View a fantastic 3-D IMAX film on the International Space Station on one of Kennedy Space Center’s 5-story IMAX screens. The Star Trek live show combines science education with Star Trek in an interactive stage show. In the 30-minute show audience members join "Starfleet Academy" and get whisked off on an exciting adventure.

The total package costs: USD 3100/- per person*
* Conditions apply.

Package Includes:
Accommodation in hotel for 2 nights/3days.
NASA Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Admission Ticket.
NASA Kennedy Space Center Lunch with an Astronaut & Visitor Complex Admission Ticket.
NASA Kennedy Space Center Astronaut Training Experience Tour.
Cocoa Beach Space Shuttle Launch Viewing from Orlando.
Visa charges.
Return airfare from Delhi – Florida.

In addition to discover NASA Kennedy Space Centre, The city offers many sights seeing for traveler. Your tour to Orlando includes Lake Eola, Winter Park, Park Avenue, Rollins College, and the City of Celebration. The city tour also includes a scenic boat cruise in Winter Park.

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